Jennifer M

Vintage Millennial


I'm a quiet nerd in her mid-thirties who collects hobbies & interests like they're stamps (oddly enough that isn't one of them) and lives a blessedly quiet life in an English city which boasts more canals than Venice.

Vintage Fandom: Fanlistings

As someone who has been online for Literal Decades, I feel the urge to honour and treasure the beautiful pre-social-media internet where fans made their own websites about the things they loved and collected strange little graphics and created small communities centered around their favourite fandoms.This page collects all of the fanlistings I've ever joined which are still up and running. Fanlistings are (mostly: were) individually created guestbook-type websites devoted to sharing our love for a specific person or thing. I started joining fanlistings since the early 2000s, and for a while I ran a few of my own.There are all sorts of listings, but these are all part of The Fanlistings Network.